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    I’m always amazed how many people will trash a library on a public, searchable forum using their real name. It’s not that unusual for a music library owner or even a music supervisor to google your name before working with you. If you show you are a non-professional, many will just not work with you. Other composers– potential collaborators and networking contacts also will shy away from working with you.

    Yes, this site is about honest feedback on music libraries. But 2 things…

    (1) There is a difference between relating disappointment with a company and outright trashing as I see now and then. And even disappointment, based on unrealistic expectations in this business can sometimes be a problem.

    (2) Your reputation matters. When you sign your real name to something it lives on the internet virtually forever. Google is not very forgiving, LOL.

    Again, Art created this site so composers can share experiences. Share… But never lose sight of your professionalism and reputation.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Advice

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    Excellent advice…Advice.

    I think professionalism is simply no longer word in many people’s vocabulary. It died along with civility. People confuse aggression, with being aggressive.

    But…keep in mind that we are in a global enterprise, and cultural differences, may come into play, as well.



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    And lets not forget GOOGLE ย really does have everything tucked away somewhere !!!!

    Also, internet forums posts can be misinterpreted , conveying an idea succinctly can be difficult at times, cultural differences definitely do play a part.

    Simple things like bad grammar and spelling can convey a negative impression IMHO.

    I am not a grammar Nazi, but something that is unreadable would not give me confidence in working with someone. Communication is very important in this business.

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    Art Munson

    I am not a grammar Nazi, but something that is unreadable would not give me confidence in working with someone.

    Sometimes I feel like I want to be a grammar cop. I never was the brightest bulb in English, grammar and spelling classes but some of the stuff I see really makes me cringe.

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    Grammer and language differences aside, there really are cultural differences when it comes to things like negotiation.

    In some cultures being aggressive, argumentative and belligerent may actually be considered a virtue.

    Oh wait…that describes practicing law. ๐Ÿ˜†


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    It’s usually pretty easy to differentiate between a cultural difference (e.g. someone for whom English is not their primary language) and outright non-professional, obnoxious behavior. And, singing your name to an obnoxious rant against a particular company on a public forum has NO up-side. Only a potential down-side.

    Oh wait…. And then there’s lawyers… ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  (kidding Michael)


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    Mark Lewis

    I recently had a composer contact me with a submission to join our library. At first I told him that I was hesitant to sign him because I had seen him trashing other libraries on public forums. His response to me was to not worry about those libraries because they are “a bunch of wh*res”.
    I couldn’t believe it. I’d like to think that since we are all artists that we might be a tiny bit more enlightened than the rest of the crowd but I am occasionally proven very wrong in my assumption.
    Even though this composer’s music sounded great I did not even respond to his request.


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    @Mark. It never ceases to amaze me!

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    People are just too sensitive these days.

    Being a jerk is actually subjective. Some will like it and some will not. But the overall reaction to a certain behavior is based on the power holders or the influencers. If a person goes against the grain and gains favor from the influencers or power holders, most other people will agree and fall in line with that train of thought.

    Anyway, it’s just music. There are a million more important things going on than getting rejected by a library or getting a low PRO payment!

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