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    Art Munson

    If I own 100% of writing, performing & copyright do I have an International Mandate?

    I believe so. That’s how I treated it but I’m not an expert.

    I have an ISRC code but where do you get an ISWC number? and, I have no UPC code, what is a EAN?

    ISWC is assigned by your PRO, I believe, but more info here

    This will help with UPC and EAN

    I get my UPC codes from whomever I use for digital distribution. They are free with Level Music or Stem (the two I have been using).

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    Hi all,

    Just curious if anyone has received any income from SE or HFA yet? It seems like an enormous undertaking that pulls away from music making?

    Reading through this thread was although very informative, it was also exhausting :0)

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    Yes. Below are 9 HFA Payouts I had last year. I also just received my first royalty distribution of 2019 for $525. This isn’t much based on 27 albums released and around 40 million streams of my songs since 2016. Many tracks were marketed and promoted by a 3rd party label that knows what they are doing inside this space. I can conclude that unless there is a marketing and promotional strategy to actually jack up stream counts, it may not be worth it to spend a lot of valuable time preparing consumer album releases. When you self release you will just get 25 to 100 streams a year per tune (unless you morph into a mega pop star or just by fluke, a “production music cue” tune takes off and gets popular on spotify for some strange reason).

    There needs to be a marketing and promotional effort to get the stream counts inflated into the millions which then generate “streaming mechanical” royalty payments like you see below. I would not have been able to accomplish this if I just released through CD baby and did things on my own. You need marketing and promotion of the music and that does cost money. I’m thinking real hard about buying stock in Spotify. They reported a profit for the first time ever 2 weeks back.

    $390.05 SPOTIFY USA INC.
    $390.08 SPOTIFY USA INC.
    $499.15 SPOTIFY USA INC.
    $225.60 FACEBOOK INC.
    $366.22 SPOTIFY USA, INC.
    $91.64 SPOTIFY USA, INC. May 29, 2018
    $2.11 HFA CONSOLIDATED PAYABLE Mar 27, 2018
    $65.28 SPOTIFY USA, INC. Mar 2, 2018

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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