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    Hello to All !

    I’m a composer from Europe and i’m with BMI from
    2013. Everything was fine till now, but last week i
    noticed that my cue sheets start to disappear (even the several old
    from 2014 which generated solid money with reruns).I have this cues exclusively
    with SC. Any idea what’s happening ?

    Thanks in advance !

    P.S. Can’t find any specific mail address to BMI for cue sheet problems.

    Art Munson

    Don’t know where you are seeing cue sheets on BMI. I’ve been with them for decades and have never seen cue sheets. Are you sure you don’t mean ASCAP?


    Hi Art,

    In my works catalog. There i see registered works
    and cue sheets. For example:
    Title Status
    Little Girl Lost Cue Sheet


    I’ve been seeing this too over the last couple weeks. Cue sheets will disappear and then they come back and then they are gone again. I think they just might be doing maintenance to get rid of duplicates possibly?

    @ArtMunson you can see your Cue sheets if you login to your BMI account and click on Works Catalog. A box will pop up. Uncheck the box that says Include Registered works, leave the one that says background cues. Enter in your CAE# and then click search. It will bring up a big list of your stuff. In the top right corner you’ll see a box that says reports. Click on that and choose print summary. It will open up a new file that allows you to see cue sheets associated with your account. Hope that helps

    Art Munson

    Thanks for that tip mikew but I thought the OP meant actual cue sheets. That report only pulls up cues that were picked up off of cue sheets and not previously registered. In other words if a cue is previously registered and the cue is used on a show, it will not show in that report.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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