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    Hi Guys!

    Yet another newbie question! 🙂

    Apart from the RF segment where I’ve been very active, I’ve also got about 30 tracks in an exclusive library. I started uploading tracks to this library starting August/ Sept 2019..

    Since then, I have submitted tracks for all their custom requests and have got great feedback about those submissions each time from the library itself. I don’t know whether or not these tracks were used in the final TV program for which they were submitted.

    So far, nothing is showing up on my tunesat account. So, I was wondering how much longer must I wait to assess whether or not this library is worth submitting more tracks to? Shall I continue uploading here? What would the more experienced composers here recommend?

    Thank you!


    Hi Musicworks, my rule of thumb is to submit at least50 tracks and give it a couple of years. It also depends on the quality of the tracks and the quality of the library. I believe it is a good idea for you to spread yourself out between the RF world and the exclusive world, even though the RF world is a little bit depressing these days. Write, submit, forget… and focus on quality over quantity. I hope this helps and good luck


    Usually it takes much more than 5-6 months before you see any results. Most of the libraries i work with got me placements after 15 months or so. But there’s no rule of thumb really, i’ve seen placements after only 2 months or after 3 years from some libraries. It depends on how well connected is a library,quality of music, current music needs,clientele, cataloging & registering the music etc.

    Also, Tunesat is missing a good amount of placements (around 40% in my case) compared to the PRO’s quarterly statements.

    Suggestion: don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Spread your music to several exclusive (or NE) libraries that have music in your style and, after a couple of years, you’ll know who’s working best for you.
    30 tracks is already a very good number, specially for custom requests! I wouldn’t submit more music to them before i got some good placements from some of these 30 tracks. Patience is a virtue!


    Thanks Musicmatters and Kubed for your kind replies.

    I have been doing decently in the RF segment… but, as you say, its basically turned into a dead end… doesn’t seem to be any growth prospects there.

    … Thank you! With the RF segment the way it is, I’m trying to focus more on the exclusive library side of the business… while not completely giving up on the RF side. Write, submit, forget… great words… 🙂

    , Thanks for your advice… The 30 tracks are not all for custom requests… maybe about 10 to 15 are… the others are general uploads in genres based on my talks with the library… I will begin searching for another exclusive library to put my eggs into… Meanwhile, I’m dying of excitement to receive my first backend payout… small as it may be… 🙂

    Thank you both once again!


    I see a potential problem when you say « I’m UPLOADING tracks to the library » this sounds terribly uninspired process.

    Not from you who probably make great tracks but from the library itself.

    Normally a library tells you about a brief, then you propose something, they answer, tell you some comments, then rework and only then potential validation from the library music supervisor. Then only from that point they should ask you for the stems, mixing, and contracts.

    Repeat that process for every tracks or every albums that you make for a library. It’s a fairly long process, from the moment you send the track to the final delivery at least 2-3 months, with a good library.

    If it’s only uploading tracks to an automatic system then 3 days after the tracks are incorporated in their library you can be 20000% sure your tracks won’t get a single serious usage. Because they probably have so much tracks, they don’t even know what they have in their catalog…

    You should work for a library that takes more care in the writing process, it’s a guarantee that your tracks will get usages.


    Hi uniqueplace… Thanks for replying.

    I agree with your analysis… Am now only sending in tracks for specific briefs and not just uploading blindly

    Thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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