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    “Correct. It’s a MUCH better organization than “Our Major Three” over here.”

    Not so sure about that, can you please elaborate?

    How could the PRS pay UK composers more if ASCAP, BMI, are sending the performance royalties based on their “credits” pay scale and the “reciprocal” agreements?

    It makes no sense Beatslinger. A UK writer will earn exactly what a USA writer would earn from ASCAP by way of the reciprocal agreement.If a background cue pays a royalty of $10 to a USA ASCAP writer, a PRS UK writer would also get $10 sent over. In fact, PRS would probably skim a portion of the UK writers’ royalties as an “admin fee”.

    On the flip side, my experience with PRS is that they pay (send ASCAP my royalties from UK broadcasts) very low rates for TV performances on shows as well as adverts/ jingles. I have music airing on many many reality shows over in England. I also have had some tracks air on UK ads/ commercials. I have never been impressed with what I see from PRS on foreign ASCAP statements.

    They all are not transparent at all. PRS writers can log in and see all kinds of data about their titles and other PRS members’ titles. ASCAP and BMI writers do not get access to that data which is bull sh_t!

    I know I have performance royalties sitting with the PRS being held hostage. I have heard my cue on BBC America used as a Promo on every commercial break on a show, I never was paid. The PRS SUCKS from my perspective Beatslinger.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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