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    I think the most important thing is having quality music spread in many different markets. You might have some music that does great in one market but terrible in another. You have to find the balance that makes sense for the type of music you excel at producing.

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    E Double-ya

    Appreciate the words of wisdom here, and yes I was referring to performance royalty free libraries, like AJ. As I said I’m new to this business, and the advice I wrote should be taken with that grain of salt.

    As to my “quandry.” Well, if I ever saw a tv commercial with one of my PF tracks behind it, I’d kick myself. But then, that $6.50 probably would have went to some other track from the same licensor. There in lies my issue, which for now I’ve resolved by not working with that site any more.

    I’ve seen a lot of PF bashing here and elsewhere. While most library owners might understand (or not know or care), about a composer working with them, I’m still happy I used a pseudonym.

    Anyways, as you were. Cheers.

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    Michael’s a lawyer, but we like him anyway. 😛

    I am about to join the Copyright Society of the US.

    I am about to join the Procrastinators Society of the US. But maybe tomorrow… 😉

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    Chuck Mott

    Thanks all…appreciate it.

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    @Lawyers like Michael: I could really use some advice on a contract I was just offered.

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    If you have a specific question, I might be able to offer an opinion, with respect to what I would do as a composer. If you need actual contract review and legal advice, that’s another matter

    Contracts, unlike copyrights, are governed by state law. My ability to work on a contract would be limited to residents of the state where I am licensed, and I would charge an hourly fee. Don’t you know that people only give music away? 😉

    For composers and other artists on a budget, who need legal work, I highly recommend contacting the local volunteer lawyers for the arts. The VLA is a great resource, and there are chapters in many US cities, like New York, Philadelphia and Nashville.

    Although I don’t consider “wiki” to be the authoritative source for anything, this link will provide you with links to VLA organizations in many States.

    Best of luck.


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