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    I’m a BMI writer. When I look in the BMI backend, at my Works Database, 99% of stuff in there are cues I’ve written, then 1% are called Cue Sheets and I can see some details (though not the real cue sheet) about a certain placement.

    However, when I get my BMI statements, I see MANY placements – definitely a whole bunch for which I do not see any cue sheets in the BMI back end.

    A friend of mine who is ASCAP can see the real cue sheets for his placements and I think he can see all/most of them.

    Why is BMI like this? Is there some other way to see cue sheets? (Why am I getting paid via BMI for works included in cue sheets that I don’t see in my account?)

    Art Munson

    You are not seeing cue sheets at BMI, just registrations. BMI does not make cue sheets available. Besides they are most likely not accurate (neither is ASCAP). The only way you will get the most accurate cue sheet is from the production company and they are also problematic. As soon as a human intervenes (2 to 3 times in the process of getting to the PROs) the errors creep in!


    Bummer. Yeah, BMI calls them “cue sheets” in the BMI back end but they’re clearly not the real thing.

    But I’m mystified as to why only a few of these show up on my Works Database, but not all of them. (I have many, many more placements that BMI has paid me for, but not provided me even pseudo-cue sheets for.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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