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    I was wondering is it possible to sell individual melodies or even midi files of melodies to other composers who need fresh new melodies.  Are there websites that do that?

    Art Munson

    I haven’t heard of any.


    The only library where I saw this kind of option was in Audiosparx where you can upload loop melodies and patterns to be sold as individual melodies instead of a fully composed composition that loops.  Its their beats and loops section where you can upload synth loop melodies, percussion loops, wind instruments and more.  Not sure about MIDI.


    AudioSparx does NOT sell MIDI files, only soundwave-based audio tracks.




    Most of the major loop libs do Midi files too.


    !!! !! !! !! A very good site for Melodies to buy is


    forgive my perhaps harsh reply but im feeling pontifical today.

    from the vast experience of my non law degree earning career, I can pretty safely tell you that you cannot sell a melody. the composer by definition, creates a melody and has the copyright on this item for life + ~75 years or something like that, and then it can become public domain.

    a melody is a series of notes in a particular order and at varying rhythmic intervals. this pattern is then a “composition”. you cannot sell a composition. you can “give it away” perhaps. or you can ignore the fact someone has copied you note for note and rhythm for rhythm, but you cannot sell it. you can sell, or license a “recording” of said melody. if you do happen to find someone to “sell” your melody, you can only do it once, and it would be secret and unenforceable legally, because after you sold it once, someone else would of course claim that the melody was theirs and claim the copyright.

    now i will gracefully stumble off my pulpit and retreat back to my armchair lawyering and glass of wine awaiting a more educated response.


    If there is such a site, I would definitely be willing to sell some melodies.


    In lawyer speak:

    The original creator can sell or transfer transfer ownership of their copyright in a work. The intent to transfer the copyright must be in writing. After that, the work belongs to the person or entity to whom the copyright was transferred. The original creator no longer has any rights in that work whatsoever. As such, under certain circumstances, the original creator of the work could be sued for infringement by the party who purchased the copyright.

    If we assume that the copyright owner intends to sell the same melody to multiple parties, without transfer of ownership, then, at most they are granting a perpetual non-exclusive license.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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