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    I just wish there was a way to release albums and collect royalties directly from Spotify, Google Play, YOUTUBE RED, Apple Music, and so on. I do get that HFA has a role: match song titles, stream counts, and IRSC codes with complex spreadsheets and other “Big Data” they collect. They do need 11.5% commission for the streaming mechanical payouts. I just wish I could collect directly from Spotify and apple without a middle man. There is a way, it’s just been tough to figure out. The guys that “know” are not willing to “tell”. There’s that “code of silence” we were talking about.

    I do understand that we need middle men for licensing, but I am talking only about the “streaming” royalty opportunity from our personal albums for end consumer personal/ leisure listening. Self releasing through CD baby is just not good enough. Albums need to be promoted.

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    Art Munson

    Check out these guys Costs $20 a year but you keep 100% of royalties. I will be going with them for future releases. Cheaper than CD Baby.

    BTW you can uploaded unlimited albums for that price.

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    I get royalties each quarter through CD Baby from them. Last time it was a whopping $4.09!!

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    I tried DistroKid too, loved it and easy/cheap. (Although I think cdbaby does more royalty collection for you.) I now am trying AWAL, no fees whatsoever.

    This entire thing, trying to figure out how to collect all your royalties is a labyrinth to me. So far this has been the most helpful explanation I’ve found

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    switched from tunecore to distrokid and glad i did…the unlimited albums is such a big deal, actually started uploading my nonex production music lately with good results (didnt cross my mind with tunecore since you pay per album)…id like to release my excl tracks also but am not sure if its a conflict with the libs im in (is the exclusivity usually for all the rights including sales/streaming?)

    …thought about bypassing the middle man before and talked to a few buddies that work at the big record labels here, they said unless you have a strong track record in the biz (while indie), ts hard to go direct without a major backer like the main aggregators, and i would think trying to admin that would be a nightmare…

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    Is anyone registered as a HFA NON-affiliate publisher? This is the free joining option, but is it worth it I wonder?

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    Will HFA be helpful to me if I have my songs primarily with non-exclusive libraries and those libraries act as the publisher?

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    I’ve found this thread very informative, thank you Music1234, Art, and others. I’m interested in NikNak’s question about being an HFA non-affiliate publisher. If they will allow me to register the songs I self-publish (through my ASCAP-registered LLC), and get paid the mechanical license fees I’m due, then what is the added benefit of paying $100 to become an HFA member?

    And are there any alternatives to HFA for collecting mechanical license fees from Spotify and other streaming services?

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    If I have my music in libraries that act as the publisher, as most do, what use is HFA to us?

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