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    Thanks for everyone’s replies here (i’m not the OP) but it helps to learn from others.

    Question: how long did you submit songs to libraries before you saw PRO royalties?

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks daveydad! I’ve been submitting to libraries since 2009 but went full time about 5 years ago… (I wasn’t bringing enough in to justify it, but after losing a pretty cushy gig I decided I might as well go all in and see if I landed on my feet…)

    The first two and a half years were a rough ride, I was basically getting by by treading water… The last two were much better, and last year exponentially so…I hit a personal goal where backend made up the bulk of my income, and honestly I thought those days were behind us.

    Anyway… despite 2016 being a strange year overall, financially i did very well and was surprised to see you can still earn with backend. I am concerned about where streaming is taking that revenue in the next few years, but that’s a whole other conversation and for the moment I’m doing pretty alright…


    Sabal, do you mean in general, or specifically once they’ve been placed?
    (Just trying to understand if you’re asking based on placements vs expectations…)


    Edit…Oops I replied to your response on another post too.

    I’ve read here and other forums the expectation is that the library gamewill take 1-2 years to start seeing a return and then years beyond that to possibly go full time, etc And there’s a thread on MLR that says full time volume would be 1500+ placements.

    I’m just wondering what the average number of cues written before the returns started happening for others? 200? 500? 1000? Not counting edits.

    I know there’s a ton of variables and everyone’s story will be different but I’m hoping for some sort of consensus.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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