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    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but Black Friday made me think about it more. I think I’m done purchasing plugs that you can’t re-sell (transfer license). The “upgrades” and “new versions” are getting a little out of control for me. I feel my hard earned money is going to a lease, not like a piece of hardware that is more likely to hold some value.

    I do believe that eventually there will be a market for “vintage” plugins and instruments, but you will have to have an equally “vintage” computer to run them. Or simply, everything will become a subscription based model, and you have no other choices but to keep up or die.

    What do you all think?

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    Kery Michael

    Makes sense to me. If I can’t sell something than do I truly own it? Maybe that’s evidence that you don’t own any of your software. but the companies are just allowing us limited access to “their” software.

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    NY Composer

    I don’t know what company you are referring to. Sounds like Waves.

    I’ve have other plugins that have been in use for years with no problems.

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    I’m not picking out a specific company, but I did just purchase Spitfire BBC Orchestra. I have several other libraries from Spitfire and love them, but just read on another site that the licenses/software cannot be sold or transferred. Not sure that would have changed my mind on the purchase, but it will definitely affect my future purchases with such companies.

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    NY Composer

    I really don’t think this is anything new.

    There are plenty of virtual instruments that are non-transferable.

    BTW, the terms and agreement should appear before you download.

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    In Europe, it’s is illegal not to be able to resell a library. The developers adhere to local laws, where ever they live, but seems there is a potential frontier there..

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    Keep in mind that we receive a license to use their software for the virtual instruments or other plug ins. It’s IP just like our music. It’s not an outright purchase. The software developers get copyrights to their software just like our music. Here, we are looking at the licensing issue from the buyers’ perspective. The shoe is on the other foot so to speak.
    How would you feel if somebody purchased a license to use your music with a right to transfer that license to anybody they choose for no additional compensation?

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