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    Anders Helming

    Hiello from Sweden,,
    I wonder if someone here can help me with some professional input on the licensability of my recent tracks, before approaching any libraries.

    My name is Anders Helming producer in Sweden and Im heading into licensing business but not sure where to start, so I figured I make a demo and get some input on that.

    Simple question;Are my tracks good enough to make them licensable?
    Would libraries need this type of music?
    Use the link above to access a private Soundcloud playlist.

    – Is the sound quality good enough? (Mixed and mastered in my own home recording studio.)
    – How to define the music? I always find it hard to categorize. Please help out.
    – Arrangements? Something to consider? I have several different versions and lengths in stock but can ofcourse redo them if needed.
    – any other tips on strategy/approach appreciated.

    Thanks alot in advance
    Anders Helming

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    Hi Anders,

    For the genre you’re working with here, the songs, to me, seem ready to go. However, I must say I’m a song guy. I’m sure you’ll find better critiques by those in the know.
    If I had to say anything the piano sound/tone in the first three pieces sound pretty close. Maybe that’s your vision though. For me the sound/tone sounded really nice in the first piece especially. More variety in sound/tone of the piano on the others? Maybe not.
    In “I Won’t Wait For The Future,” (which I rather like a lot) maybe consider getting to the verse faster?
    I’m curious what others have to say, but I feel you’re doing very well. Nice work.

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    Anders Helming

    Thanks Cozyhand! I am very pleased to hear you like the songs, and took the time to hear them out.I’ll consider your input and see if there is something I should revise.

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    Hi Anders,

    I agree with cozyhand3, the tracks are pretty much good-to-go and I don’t see you having a problem picking up some usage if they get in front of the right people. Definitely get to the verse quicker on “I Won’t Wait For The Future” (which works really well btw), and personally I’d drop the vocal and synth adlibs at 1.29′ and just let the track cruise along with the synth arps for a cycle before returning too the hook. Get them out there though, mate.

    All the best!

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    Kery Michael

    Anders, songs sound good to me. Reminds me of how many talented people are out there. But like yourself, I’m pretty new to this too, so I can’t speak as to place-ability of them.

    But they sound current, which is always good. I understand libraries are always interested in keeping their catalogues modern sounding.

    I’m listening to “Thirty Degrees” as I type, and I can almost see the corporate video in front of my eyes, so I think that corporate placements are possible. Nice keyboard work!

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    Anders Helming

    Thanks Robokirk for your advice and time to hear my songs out, and it makes me confident and happy to hear the tracks somewhat have what it takes, in your opinion.
    I followed your advice, cutting out a section in the start,to shorten the time to the verse, and also lost the adlib parts later..

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