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    Hi Everyone,

    How much space (sec) should I leave before and after a song? I read different contradictory statements about that.

    Thank You


    It won’t matter that much upfront unless you’re making a timed edit. However, it’s not very professional to have your final version start with a second or 2 of dead air.

    I like to have as little silence as possible at the start, so the music starts immediately.

    Don’t cut off your reverb trail artificially, let it ring out for as long it needs. Again, no need to cut it early unless it’s a timed edit (even then, I usually include the tail in the timed edit, in case someone wants it).


    Thank You!


    I agree with Mark.

    Art Munson

    I’ve noticed that there are times when the stereo buss processing (most of the time I use Ozone) will munge the downbeat. I back up the start point 128th of a beat and that will usually fix it. Another trick that I found is to take the stereo buss volume envelope to zero and bring it back in just before the downbeat.


    I am sure this came up here before or maybe Deja vu on my part, A little trick I learned was to leave one/half beat as your silence at the head (when bouncing in your DAW start @ bar 2 beat 4 if your track starts @ bar 3 etc). Usually less than .5 sec depending on tempo. This way if you have to do stereo edits its easy to line up exactly to the grid if necessary.

    The rule when CDs were the norm was not to edit right up to the start as it would cause pops and clicks when burning.


    will munge the downbeat

    A new adjective to me Art LOL, don’t forget that plugins on the Master bus are usually NOT delay compensated so maybe that could come into play there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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