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    Anyone have recent placement and dollar figures for these sports channels?

    MLB Network
    NHL Network
    Tennis Channel
    Fox Sports

    Anyone also know why these channels take so long to pay? I’ve been waiting almost
    2 years for some placements to pay.


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    Espn doesn’t pay because they do “direct licensing”. And if you’re with ASCAP, the rest of those channels are subject to their survey system.

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    This is what I found on some recent statements:

    ESPN2: About 5,00 USD for 30s
    Golf Channel: About 2,00 USD for 1min
    Fox Sports 1: About 2,00 USD for 50s
    Fox Sports 2: About 4,00 USD for 40s
    NBC Sports: About 1,50 USD for 1 min
    Big Ten: About 0,50 USD for 1 min

    This are averages… I had placements on CBS Sports, MLB and NHL too, but I either can’t find them on my statements because they have a weird acronym or they haven’t been paid yet.

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    @RM90 I’m with SOCAN and most of my tracks are with BMI with my publisher. ASCAP pays on all those channels as they are census (all count) and not sample survey.

    Thanks so much! Very helpful 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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