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    Hey Everybody:
    I found several notices of a Class Action Suit against Spotify in my mailbox (Ferrick v. Spotify). Anybody else get these?

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    No but just looked it up, thanks. They are clearly breaking the law. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Here’s where I read about it:

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    I got the lawsuit notices too. I don’t think my music is on Spotify, but if they’re doing it illegally, how would I know? In my case, the only way Spotify could have gotten my music would be through a library, so I hope that wouldn’t be happening without the library letting me know, or at least showing up as a royalty on the BMI statement. I haven’t released any albums for direct sale, and I don’t have music on Soundcloud or YouTube.

    It would be interesting to know how the lawsuit has our names … did it come from BMI, from the US Copyright office, or where ???

    I’m not a Tunesat user right now, maybe that’s another way to discover these Spotify plays(?)

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    I received the notices also. I do not have any music on Spotify. I do have on SoundCloud. I know of about 30 sites who have 250 to 500 of my tracks on them without my consent. Most in the Middle East and Russia. I have tested uploading a file to SoundCoud in the evening and doing a search the next morning.. Within 10 hours the track is on a dozen sites for free download. I uploaded a sine wave with the title not for sale or download. Apparently it is all automated.

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    You guys may want to check whether you’re on Spotify. I have my music on Spotify because Audiosparx has placed it there through one of their programs.

    The lawsuit seems to specify that songwriters are eligible to join the lawsuit if Spotify made your musical composition available without a license. I am assuming that my Audiosparx agreement is the license they are referring to so I cannot join the lawsuit… does anyone know?

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    Hi Angopop,

    AudioSparx definitely legally licenses music from our catalog to Spotify through multiple different channels. Hence, they have a valid license to play our music, and they pay us through the channels and then we pay our artist community. There’s no reason for you to join any lawsuit against Spotify, at least not in relation to anything related to AudioSparx.


    Lee Johnson
    [email protected]

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    Thanks for the response Lee. Is there any way to figure out Spotify’s sources for the tracks? The Harry Fox Notices of Compulsory License I received are full of mistakes. One of them is for a tune I didn’t write. I’d like to be sure that the royalties go where they should. Spotify seems to be chaotic.


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    Yes, you can generally review the album that any particular track is on at Spotify and see which label name released the album. On your External Distribution List report under your AudioSparx account (MyAccount, Reports tab), we list the various different labels that have distributed tracks in association with the distribution company that is responsible for distribution for each label name.

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    Perfect. Thanks, Lee.

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    I am making assumptions but there but as far as Audiosparx is involved, there are a couple levels of licensing here and a couple levels of checks and balances, one through audiosparx, and another through their distribution partners so I am not stressing it. And it looks the payout for all artists on spotify is maybe a total of $150000, anyone want to guess, even if you were infringed upon, how much of that would be yours?

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    I too got that notice, but I never put anything on Spotify nor do I subscribe to it, so didn’t know how or why I even got that notice??

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