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    Art Munson

    Just received an email from BMAT announcing their newly released royalties calculator. If you have music on Spotify type in your artist name and it will estimate your monthly and yearly income. Fascinating and horrifying!

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    Hi Art. Thanks for sharing this. Very cool!
    Along these lines, is there a consensus regarding which service is the best for digital distribution to the major streaming platforms?
    By best, I mean which is most effective and has the most favorable fees and percentages?
    CD Baby, Level, Distrokid, tunecore? One obvious consideration is whether using the service interferes in any manner with distribution though libraries.

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    Art this is very cool! Thanks for the share!

    These estimates do seem about right based on my analysis of my own efforts with Spotify, Apple, YOUTUBE, etc… “albums’.

    Michael, if you upload for distribution, I’d say use a service that does not charge you fees to do so, but rather they will take a cut of the collections.

    I have about 70 albums out there and each one earns on average $2 a month! However, I have no promotional strategy whatsoever to drive up play counts. But you know what? Who cares?….$140 a month is $140 a month and I will gladly take that into my bank account each month to blow on a dinner out. If I earn that for the rest of my life, that is not a bad thing, and it may very well grow to $300 a month one day. We will see.

    Here are some searches I just did out of curiosity. The figures are annual earnings for the record labels, publishers, songwriters, and artists…Of course the service skims their cut too. There are always a lot of people to share the pie with!

    And guess what? Wall Street has their eyes on all of it. They want it all first. You watch.

    Beatles – $1,000,000 in a single year from Spotify
    Dua Lipa 2.4 Million
    Michael Jackson 1 Million
    Foo Fighters 500K
    Drake 2.5 Million
    Kanye West 2.6 Million
    Maroon 5 – 1.9 Million
    Sinatra 408K
    Dave Brubeck $34000
    Miles Davis 80K
    Thomas Newman 63K
    John Williams 171K
    Nirvana 760K

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    Also BMAT if you are following this thread please lower your fees so Production Music composers can load 1000 tracks into your service for a reasonable monthly fee. We need to see and tally what really pays us: performance royalties from music on TV.

    Your pricing structure for your detection service as it exists now essentially would take a massive chunk of our performance royalties. Your service is a lot better than Tunesat. We all would love to have access to it, but only if the price is right.

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    Thanks, Music1234. Good advice.

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    newbie here,
    is this calculator showing estimates for mechanicals (paid by distributor), or publishing/performance royalties (paid by PRO)?

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