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    I think my song was stolen by Akon, here is his and here is a link to mine I think without a doubt there is an eery similarity here, that can be proven. However I was told by a lawyer that it would be difficult to prove access, he operates out of Florida. However after doing some research I saw that you can also prove similarity in the work right? Access in any case would be difficult to prove but anything on the internet is easily accessible. Do you guys think I have a case? P.s I used a distribution company but did not get the song copyrighted, however I will probably this week and my song has been released since June of last yr.




    you cant copyright chord progression so i dont think you have a case


    You could have a case if a) you had copyrighted your song last June and b) your track had a strong topline melody and Akon’s topline melody was identical to yours. I hear a somewhat similar chord progression that it’s pretty common in this music style but, as boininkeee2000 said, this isn’t enough to make your case.

    Several well known and unknown artists have sued Coldplay for stealing their melody lines from them but non of these artists won their case (even if some of the toplines were pretty close to the Coldplay ones). So,it’s really hard to imagine you can claim copyright infringement in this case.
    Not a legal advice though, just my $0.02


    I’m going to agree with Kubed. After a short listen to both, I don’t hear anything that immediately strikes me. Most of the elements are just common to that style, imho. Just my opinion, though.


    Thanks for feedback guys! I appreciate it.


    I agree with the comments here. But anyways I suggest you to copyright (or at least register the intellectual property) every song you compose, you should do it before publishing or before any action.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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