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    guys, if you submit to briefs from exclusive libs with no upfronts, and they dont use it, or have no correspondence with you if it was accepted or not but the track now shows up on their catalog, can you take it back? is it improper to have a dialogue about this with them?

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    check your latest contract — some libraries include a clause that future submissions fall under all the terms of the contract – and that tracks sent to them can their exclusive track (or words to that affect). So in that case, they would not need further communication with you.

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    Do you have a contract, or is/was this “a new relationship that is depending on the acceptance of tracks?”

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    yes i have a contract, and after rereading it it does state that any submitted and “accepted” tracks falls under the exclusivity terms of the contract, although briefs werent specified i guess it falls under that category. what confused me is that some libs do reply whether it is accepted or rejected for that brief, this was just a simple “thanks for submitting” which felt was neither an acceptance or rejection…thanks paolo and beat

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    Curious: What if you submit a track for acceptance & it was rejected & there’s no paperwork? IE: should there be paperwork before submitting a track for exclusive acceptance?

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