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    Anybody with them? Any feedback? It`s mentioned in an old post on this site,and the Sync Academy website is live,so wondered if anybody was currently with them and what it was like?

    Art Munson

    Sync Academy is mentioned here a number of times:

    How-to courses… good ones, bad ones, run away?

    BTW, that thread is less than two years old and covers “How To Courses” in general. In my mind it would still be relevant today.

    Barry Ledgister



    I used to be a member of Sync Academy and found it a really positive, supportive learning environment and resource for getting into Production Music. It helped me understand what was required for particular genres of music, and gave me some nice targets to work towards. The Critiques Corner was handy for getting feedback on new tracks, and there’s a lot of resources on there. Of course, you can probably find out all the stuff by yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to have a headstart, and save time by avoiding common pitfalls. I would recommend it.


    Thanks for that,David. Im creating with someone else on the DAW,but it does look like a good resource,Ill be joining,I`m especially interested in developing a skill in genres.


    i’ve been a member for a little over three months. very happy with them. their information covers a lot of ground and is well-presented.


    I’m currently with them. There’s a lot of useful information and having access to Jesse’s list of libraries/sync edge recommendations is nice. The feedback corner is cool. I do wish there were new courses being added more often but I guess there’s only so much content to cover.

    You can probably get away with just watching his free YouTube videos if you don’t wanna throw down the cash. He has TONS of them that have some pretty good info. Or you could join sync academy for a small amount of time to save money.


    I am very happy with them. I see myself improving, they had all the info I was looking for although I’ve joined some course before them. Main take from them for me are how to structure the tracks and some business knowledge.


    Cheers,as you say, as long as you can see yourself improving,that`s the main thing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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