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    I am here with Art’s permission to let you know that SyncMoodTag, a web app to assist in finding mood tag words for your tracks, is now live. It’s browser based so it runs on PC or Mac.

    Some of the main features are:
    • Moods are categorized such as “happy”, “sad”, etc. No need to search though long, alphabetized lists.
    • Similar and opposite words grouped.
    • Simple interface with checkboxes that creates a text string of tags as often asked for by music libraries.
    • Tags can be copied to the clipboard for easy paste into spreadsheets or music library website fields.
    • Tags for songs can be saved to and loaded from data files.
    • Supports export to .csv files.
    • Can set a limit to number of tags per song.

    There is a demo video on the site. The introductory lifetime price is only $5.99. Until Feb 15, $2.00 off that with the discount code MLR2024. Hard to beat for $3.99! Full money back guarantee if you don’t find it useful.

    Happy tagging! Questions can be sent to Or posted here, of course.

    Best for 2024,

    Art Munson

    I’ve used an earlier version of this program for many years and happy to see it now in a web based version. BTW the owner is a fellow composer and long time MLR member.


    Thank you to those who purchased so far. I’ll be adding 2 new pieces of functionality VERY soon. (1) The ability to add your own custom mood tag words and (2) The ability to save your song title with it’s tags to the cloud.

    The discount for MLR members will be in effect until Feb 15. If you do nothing else, please go to the site (Link is on original post) and click on Demo Video. It shows what Sync Mood Tag does very well.

    Later this year I will be expanding into genres and keywords. Those who purchase this will be grandfathered in.



    Hey all. The discount for MLR members expires Feb 15. Scroll up for more info. (syncmoodtag dot com)

    Discount code: MLR2024

    There is also a demo video on the site if you want to see what it does.

    Thanks! 😀


    New release up!

    I added 2 new pieces of functionality:

    (1) There is a now a Custom mood category. You can add your own mood words, if not covered already, in this category. So maybe you like “Angelic” which is not there. You can simply add it under “Custom” and it will always be there for you.

    (2) Songs (Title + Moods) are now stored in the cloud, not as “mood” files on your local hard drive. Every user has their own space up there for their songs as well as the custom words as in (1).

    Once again, there is a demo video on the site in case you want to learn what it does before deciding to purchase. $5.99 lifetime subscription right now. When this app gets a major upgrade to include genres and keywords, those who bought in now will be grandfathered.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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