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    I belonged to AdRev for a year but quit because several libraries I wanted to join didn’t want to hassle with placement conflicts. Don’t you think that would still be the case?

    It was kind of fun to see how my music was being used, mostly in cheesy personal YT videos, but I didn’t really make much mula from it.

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    Dhruva Aliman

    Hey Art, remember me? 🙂 I switched from Rumblefish to Adrev last year. Great company for me. Excellent customer service. Had a meeting with the Ceo and the guys in their office. If you’re gonna make compilations like I do or slap your songs on anything, these guys are the way to go. Interestingly enough, ASCAP member services told me they were the best at tracking music down on YT.
    It’s not just music, they do visuals too.
    I partnered all 7 channels of mine with them.

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    This just came from a mostly exclusive library I’ve done stuff for and is why I’m hesitant.

    “Under no circumstance should you submit a track that is with a ‘content id’ company. This documentary contact sends Youtube and Vimeo videos to TV distributors. When a distributor accepts a video, it can be shown hundreds of times around the world and any music in the video receives performance royalties.”

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    I once belonged but quit when a few libraries complained. That seems to have changed now. Anyone know which RF libraries do not allow Adrev?

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    Sharon Coates

    What about songs I already have with AudioSparx? When I placed several tracks with them, a few years ago, they explicitly said “no YouTube”! Unless they’ve changed their stance?

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    Art Munson

    I’m with with ADRev. Currently, for production music, they are not so quick to issue Copyright strikes as they once were. They do collect the income though, which is basically pennies.

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    Actuallty, SourceAudio has a competing service to AdRev that’s integrated into its e-commerce platform for automatic “allow-listing” at the time of licensing. (Full disclosure, I’m with SourceAudio).

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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