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    Hi everyone,

    exactly one year ago I’ve signed a contract for a trailer album, released by a PMA library. They paid me in advance and everything seemed ok. One year later they still haven’t put the music on their website.

    Is this (huge) delay an “ok” thing that I must get used to?

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    Question: Was this a New Library, or a “New Catalog” they are adding to their roster?

    Some years back, I had some music that was held up for a 1.5 years; because it was a “New Line of Music” the company was starting, and it took a good while to get it off the ground..

    Have You been in touch with them? Don’t be afraid to express concerns or if you need some claright. They are only people..

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    I don’t know much about trailer music but if I’d written an album, delivered final files and signed a contract one year ago for a library directly and that library still hadn’t released it, I’d be chasing them up.

    Sub-publishers is another matter. I’ve seen that take a year sometimes..

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    I think we’re talking about a sub-publisher actually…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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