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    Elvis Lives

    Hey was wondering if anyone had a top 5 for libraries in terms of money earned up-front (ie Licensing Fees), and a top 5 for libraries in terms of earnings from PROs.

    I’m relatively new to all this so can’t yet give any top 5s, but has so far made the most in terms of upfront fees – admittedly it was a year or so back, and did take a bit of chasing to get the cheque.

    bigg rome

    Here We Go….

    Then you are not new to this.
    If you said Music did that.

    Sounds like someone is running interference for their company.

    Come better than this..we aint stupid on this board…lol

    Elvis Lives

    FYI … not anything to do with, but did see the forum part on them, and it reminded me that i’d had a couple of placements, one of which was quite reasonable. I agree though that they don’t seem to be up to much nowadays.

    Currently only with a few libraries and have not yet earned any PRO royalties. Was just curious what other peoples experiences were. Some seem to be better at up-front, and others at backend royalties.

    I don’t think this is an unreasonable thread if anyone cares to give a constructive response.

    bigg rome

    It just that these type questions can only be answered by doing your own research.
    Nobody gonna give your the keys to the kingdom.

    Especially after they had to work hard to get them.
    Meaning you have to go the experience yourself and see what best fits your music.

    Also, pay Art for the library list he provides.
    That is where you can find your answer quicker.

    Elvis Lives

    What’s the point of an open forum if the response is it’s a closed shop … howabout you pay Art, and post your musicsupervisor comment in the musicsupervisor question section. This is a general forum topic, i’m asking a valid question, stop trying to attack it with a protectionist attitude. Again, any constructive response appreciated.

    bigg rome

    Man chillout.

    lol I’m telling you
    others are gonna say the same anyway.

    Don’t be hardheaded.
    Pay Art some dough and you will see what I am talking about

    Art Munson

    @Elvis Lives. This question gets asked all the time here, that’s why I wrote this blog post.

    Please read the Newbie Section also.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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