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    Hi everyone, I was wondering: what would you consider are the top few most frequently placed genres of music for tv? Obviously everything can be used at some point (accordion metal, didgeridoo solo would both be uncommon examples) but what would you say are the top few genres that seem to always be in demand? I know it will vary depending on what type of show/channel we are talking about, but any info will be helpful!

    NY Composer

    Hey Brian,

    What are the most type of shows you see on TV and what music is on them?

    I’m not trying to be cryptic or snobby. I just think you should be watching some TV . That was my fastest way of learning what is needed the most and I also listened to how cues should be structured.

    Every person would give you a different answer.


    Good point, and for me I notice mainly “tension”, “dramedy” and “rock”. And for commercials, a lot of “corporate” music (though it depends what I’m watching). One of the reasons I’m asking is because I am still looking for my first tv placement and sometimes I run out of “new” ideas for cues and am trying to stay realistic with the genres I should be researching and producing. I have of course done all of the above genres that I mentioned, but am looking for some more inspiration and a sort of “reality” check as I have also done…”the haunted organist”…”tropical island getaway”…”sunday church service commencing”… and quite a number of other “random” or “less-common” cues recently when I got bored.


    Hmmm, I wonder if “most used” should not be mis-construed as “A Libraries Most Needed”.

    I do have a little something to throw in there. From what I have been hearing lately. Sending in EDM & Trap Cues right now is like “Trying to pick a Whale’s Teeth with a Toothpick”..

    NY Composer


    The tracks genres you noticed are always gonna be hot.

    I wish I can give you some inspiration but I don’t know what type of Libs or contracts you are involved with.


    ” They ” usually say upbeat uptempo positive sounding music gets used the most but I’ve had the most success with tension type music. But that’s just me, I grew up listenening to a lot of Depeche mode, it’s in my DNA.

    Whatever you’re best at will probably get used the most.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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