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    Yo Del, no disrespect here, but the whole long title thing is kind of funny to me. I would worry about titles only when the music is top notch. This is a professional forum, I try to speak the true and not make things better then they really are.

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    Mark Lewis

    As part of my job of running I review music submissions all day long.

    The first thing I look at is the title, if it is over 24 characters long I immediately delete the track without listening to it. If it is under 24 characters I immediately approve it.

    This method of music approval makes life very easy for me



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    Rob (Cruciform)

    Hello Mark,

    That’s really arbitrary and unfair. Why, I know a guy who knows about a library where the cutoff is 26 letters. That makes sense because that’s how many letters are in the alphabet. Perhaps you should review your policy!!!!!

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    Mark Lewis

    Well, originally I thought that the letters Q and X weren’t popular enough to be included in my algorithm but now that you have brought the unfairness of that decision to light I will reconsider our current 24 letter policy.


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    Oh….but Mark my music is under 24 characters and you still did not approve me…I guess I have to much high frequencies in the letters O and F….

    F**k this!

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    When I first read Del’s post, I also was wondering for a second if he was serious. But I think he was. So I responded with the approach that maybe we could help someone with the benefit of our knowledge and experience. And sometimes even if we don’t help the original poster, someone else learns something from our replies. You never know.

    And if it was a all a joke… Oh, well… 😀

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    Participant if I shorten “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to “WeWshUaMryChrsms” I’m in?…..Sweet.




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    Emlyn Addison

    I’ve learned to be pretty descriptive with my titles (though my preference is more obscure names…but these aren’t helpful for editors/producers seeking music) but there is such a thing as too long.

    From my own copywriting/editing experience, anything can be reduced further…you just have to find the right way to say it.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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