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    Yes, from that point on… I think they had an option that allowed earlier detections to be brought in… at a cost.

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    BTW, I asked Tunesat this question. Their response below. Too bad. I was hoping it meant we could then have a total of 100 tracks. I’ve only gone over my 50 detections/month once.

    I currently have the free 50 tracks account. If I upgrade to the 50 track-$35/month US plan does that mean I can upload 100 tracks total?


    If you upgrade your account to the 50 track plan, you will still only be able to monitor 50 tracks total. The upgrade will offer you the ability to see all detection you receive per month without the 50 detection per month limit.

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    Art Munson

    so if the placement occurred last month it wont pick that up?

    They detect going forward. You can pay to get historical detections.

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    Can TuneSat’s TV monitoring service provide historical detection data?

    Yes. TuneSat’s TV monitoring service can identify performances on certain stations for up to the last 3 years. Please contact [email protected] for fee’s and more information regarding adding historical data to your account.

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    thanks guys. god if i had of known this i would of uploaded my tracks earlier. now there is a good chance i have missed detection’s of placements as i mostly write in a style that is not going to get lots of repeat plays on reality tv shows and is more likely only getting played on certain occasions. ah well we’ll see what happens going forward on my tracks.

    the historical data option is useful to know though.

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    I never had a foreign show hit my free account. I’ve had a free account since September of 2014. I upgraded to the lowest tier, 100 track U.S. only account last month. All my “unknown” detections for the last few years showed up immediately.
    I currently have two discrepancies that Tunesat found. One is a 1:50 MTV placement I never got put on the cue sheet for. It airs a LOT. The other is a 1:50 NBC Sports placement where the cue sheet listed 0:40. I have provided proof to both publishers and ASCAP and have been told they will be corrected. Still waiting. If I get what is due to me from these errors it should cover nearly a year’s worth of Tunesat.
    The down side is I get to hear all the Scripps, Reelz and Promo placements I will never get paid for.

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    Has having TUNESAT made a difference in your income. So presumably they catch plays that aren’t filed on cue sheets ad you can then turn to your PRO and inform them. How is this working for people as far as translating into dollars?

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    I guess what I am asking is it accurate? You then go to your RPO presumably and with these numbers and it should be reliable?

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    It hasn’t helped me yet. I talked to BMI once and they said I had to contact the production company first. I had no idea how to do that or who it was so gave up.

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