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    This article speaks for itself as well as the examples generated by SUNO AI. This company clearly has trained from all copyrighted works, yet they dodge and remain silent as to how their AI models were trained.

    Suno is a music AI company aiming to generate $120 billion per year. But is it trained on copyrighted recordings?

    It really is in all of our interests to see this company shut down. I really do not think a “renumeration” model should be born out of their technology. Warm up the popcorn, because this will truly define the music landscape moving forward.

    Art Munson

    I have to admit for all of the “sort of” musical AIs out there this is the most concerning. I imagine they will eventually get sued.


    Been calling this out for years, thing with these kind of technologies is they’re exponential. Once the balls rolling everyone is like “drum machines never put anyone out of business”, which utterly misunderstands the concept (and high quality samples probably have for a lot of projects). There genuinely needs to be legislation about this, hard rules, trouble is (I’m no expert in law) how to legislate for every country? I don’t think the likes of China and Russia will follow suit.


    Just taking a quick look at the comments (I’ve reached my limit on free access) its amazing how much hostility there is towards musicians. Goofball libertarian concepts trying to pose as “new ways” to look at creating


    Contrary to popular belief, China offers fairly robust protection of intellectual property, including music.

    The 2021 report from IFPI showed that 97% of Chinese consumers used licensed music content. The global average is below 70%. Also, 61% of Chinese consumers were subscribed to at least one paid service.

    The 3rd Amendment to the Chinese Copyright Act, enacted in 2021, increased copyright protections on audio-visual works.

    China had no tradition of intellectual property law under the Dynastic System before the 1920s, but IP law in China has developed rapidly since the 90s. They now file twice as many international patents as the US, and created a dedicated court system to deal with IP infringement.

    I’m not sure how they will deal with AI, but I wouldn’t assume it will be worse than any other country.

    Art Munson

    This from Music1234.

    Well this is coming in a timely manner. Everyone should take the time to draft their comments and send them to the USA Copyright office or your own country’s copyright office. I’d send comments to your Senator too.




    If you think Suno is good wait until you guys hear Google’s new Udio model

    Michael Wisth

    Extra concerning about Udio is also the partial ownership stake Alphabet (Google) has in BMI.


    This is definitely not a step in a good direction


    Say goodbye…..


    The enemy is literally from within also. P5/ Shutterstock has been selling our “data” which is a sexy way of stating that they have been selling our music to Mega Cap tech to ingest and teach AI learning models. I asked p5 support about the next one off data set distribution will be coming but they can not answer that question. Just as AI companies can’t seem to explain where they all ingested their music data from, when it is so completely obvious that they are just lifting music from “anywhere that it is publicly available”.

    Did I understand that Audio Sparx sold data sets to mega cap tech companies too?

    I’m afraid too, this business is over as we know it. While many of us will be able to ride out the PRO royalties for a few more years, eventually that may dry up. Stock music licensing is a very fast dying business. Especially ever since SUNO AI launched. It literally is just shocking that this company is getting away with what they are getting away with. I mean folks, we have to push back on this, and fast, and hard.


    When I first heard about Suno, it definitely sent me into a deep dark place but the more I thought about it I was able to pull out of my “sky is falling” nosedive (especially after creating a profile and “creating” music within seconds, it’s just awful). I would put money that the AI model will dry up all of the royalty free libraries but there’s no good money to be made there anyways, right?

    There is still a weird emptiness or a sterility to any AI music I’ve heard. Compound this with the very important concept of emotive nostalgia that music can create.

    Like Art said: spend a minute to write/call/email your elected officials! It would be swell if someone could post a boiler plate doc here for everyone’s ease that could be easily copied & modified if only to save people time.

    Final thought: it does completely chap my arse that Silicon Valley spends time making AI do “this” instead of oh I dunno – fixing our national health insurance sitch.


    It’s not just SUNO, I have been playing with UDIO for the better part of today and I hate to say it, but some of the cues I am “creating” are extremely good and outputted at 320KBPS mp3 which is a tiny pinch below broadcast quality.

    SUNO songs with vocals do sound like overly autotuned vocals and you can detect “artifacts” but there are some cues that can be created where one can fool even the best producers and engineers on the planet. I do believe that some of these AI tracks are ready for prime time with some EQ magic, editing, etc…..

    We’re done felllas. Our careers are over. The more I play with this technology, the more I realize that there is no reason at all to produce a track the old fashion way starting with hands on a piano or a guitar, selecting a tempo, and initiating that initial idea in the form of a chord progression, bass line, groove, or melody.

    Either Governments everywhere shut these AI music generated sites down based on copyright infringement or … It’s over….. for all of us…..forever.


    Wow…Grand Theft Udio…..?


    UDIO is definitely impressive, but the legal side of it could be tricky. Some of the tracks I generated with UDIO sound like ripoffs of popular singers. I’m sure writers and PROs won’t let that slide without any compensation for songwriters.

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