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    Some of the libraries I submit to require a description of what artists or bands my uploads sound like.  I make music across an number of different genres, and usually I have no goram idea of how to answer that.

    How do you do it?

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    That is a tough one unless you are writing a specific ” sound-alike ” track. I have written many sound alikes doing original tracks that are stylistically similar to certain artists or groups, especially for the 50’s 60′ and 70’s.  I would say to think of an artist or group that might have inspired you to write the track in whatever genre you are writing in.  We are always writing from what we hear or have heard, and yes it is difficult to pin one inspiration down.  Hope that might be of some help.

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    I think people search for music by thinking of a well know sound in whatever genre.  Like I notice in Jazz people often look for something like Coltrane, Miles ,  Bill Evans or Chet Baker.  Of course Jazz has a million great artist that sound different. Those are just some artists bunches of people know.  S0 if you can think of someone well known that your tune is somewhat close too, that is good starting point.  Even if you’re pretty far off I think it’s ok cause everybody hears things different anyway.  You can just click thru the genre categories at Amazon and maybe find something similar.  This really helps if your doing a genre you don’t really know much about. I did some Mariachi which I really knew little about so I went to Amazon and just matched up the tune and some of those Mariachi bands.

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    Good idea.  I make some electronic music, and know thing about genres or artists.  I will search amazon and youtube for sound alikes and see what I find.

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