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    Nathan W.

    Hi. I’m wanting to market my tracks via my website. The audience I have in mind would be the lower end of the market-people who need background tracks for their YouTube videos, and things like that.

    However, I’m sort of at a loss when it comes to figuring out just who my audience is and where they are. I want to use YouTube to get traffic to my site, because I see a huge amount of potential there. Videos get visitors on autopilot, and also comments can get seen by a lot of people and tend to stick there in a way they don’t with other social media sites.

    So, I’m trying to understand just who these people are that would need low cost royalty free tracks. I’m thinking it would be mostly individuals and marketers that need the tracks for their videos, but other than that, I really don’t know what else they might be used for. I want to know so I can understand the groups of people I need to interact with and appeal to in order to get them to visit my site.

    Beyond knowing who my audience is, I also need to understand just what types of videos and subjects in general those people might be interested in watching on YouTube. I already figured marketers will likely watch videos about marketing and maybe vloggers will look at things like camera reviews, but that wouldn’t be a regular thing for them to do. Beyond that, I don’t really know where on YouTube my audience would hang out.

    I just want to find a way to get the right groups of people to my site. If I appeal to the wrong groups, it won’t matter how much marketing I do.

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully someone has some insight into all this.


    Well I guess you would have to take a step back and think who would want to make a commercial video but has very little money, and very little experience with music licensing. Their main goal will be to have music that doesn’t get flagged by content id so they can monetize their videos and be a YouTube partner. Also they could be planning on making money on it in the future, or is a small business that just needs a little background music. So here are some ideas of who your potential market could be:

    Film Students: This could really be a large group of people making short films, animations, vlogs, random vids, ect that have a goal of being a YouTube partner and monetizing their videos. So the music has to pass content id, so they can monetize their videos.

    Small Business: This could be anything from small mom and pop operations or freelancers. Sometimes real estate agents will need some background music for virtual walk throughs and stuff like that. The creative community creates demo reels and virtual portfolios that could use music.

    So I guess you’d have to think of this group as people that are just getting started, and have limited budgets to work with. They are going to be new to the whole process so your going to have to provide a lot of support and teach at the same time. This group is wanting to do the right thing and make sure they don’t get in legal trouble, so make sure you have everything in easy, and simple to understand terms.

    I hope that helps and gives you a little bit of an idea on how to market your music.


    Why not just add your music to royalty free sites that participate in Youtube Content ID? That seems like the easiest solution to me. Unless your music is extremely unique and mind-blowing, it seems easier and quicker to just provide your music to the royalty free sites that generate a lot of traffic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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