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    Hi guys,

    I was recently contacted by a TV trailer editor after he used one of my published tracks on a trailer for CBS.
    He’d been in touch for a while and really seems to like my work.
    I’ve been asked to create a cinematic album for him, and although I’m usually creating underscores he’s going to guide me to create trailer arrangements out of those tracks to be syncd and placed immediately.
    I’m very grateful & excited about this opportunity but admittedly have no experience working directly with an editor.
    I’m not sure what my obligations are or what I’m entitled to in this sort of partnership. I’m assuming this would pretty much be a direct licensing deal and in that case would really appreciate any kind of guidance or advice you could offer on this kind of partnership.
    I’m extremely grateful & don’t want to immediately come across as anything but that.
    Really appreciate your time, thanks so much!

    Art Munson



    This is NOT legal advice. You’re pretty much substituting yourself for the library. So, all the business stuff the library would do, you will have to do. Aside from the creative aspects, you will need to give the editor info/docs showing that you have full rights to the music. If you created/produced/performed everything, it will be easy. If you hired musicians, singers, etc., you will need to get waiver/assignments from them. The editor may have forms that you can use as a go-by.

    There are websites that go through these issues. In your search add “one stop” and “easy clear” to the search.

    Look at setting up a publishing company entity and set up a publishing account with your PRO. You can do it without, but It will make you look more professional.


    Very useful pointers, thank you!
    I do compose & produce the works completely myself and will enquire about the desired info & forms.
    Thanks for the advice on one stop & easy clear as well, ill have a look.
    Thanks so much for your time and support!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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