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    I was pleased when Tunesat picked up a track in a Duluth Trading Company TV commercial in September. I got the ad code from Numerator and filed a claim with ASCAP. It aired about 500 times on cable channels for a month then stopped. I’m pretty sure it’s RF so I’ll get publisher backend too.

    Tonight I was watching game 3 of the World Series on FOX and it aired in the 8th inning. Ya never know…


    Awesome, and Go Phillies….


    Nice! It’s always cool when a RF track unexpectedly makes it the distance like that! Congrats.

    Art Munson

    That’s great Alan, always love those surprises. Our gifts that keep on giving!


    It was a 30-second spot. I have no clue what the back end will be. I’ll try to remember to report back here what it paid.


    I actually wanted to tag onto this concept on never knowing what a track will do….also reminding some of the newer people to the business here that once you are confident in your skills and strengths, rejection is STILL part of normal business. But in this business – rejection can be a truly positive thing.

    A track I recently got a large sync payout with and will also receive great backend on was rejected – no let me correct that – HARSHLY rejected, by a well known exclusive library. The rep from the library was kind enough to respond with the following words to me “Ummm…..no thanks.” lol.

    If you’re confident in your skills and strengths, its just important to realize that your track, and your vision for a track may just not be what a library does. They have strengths and weaknesses too and aren’t going to take in a track they have no idea what to do with.

    That’s one of the reasons that when new people come to this forum and say “What libraries are going to get me placements?” – it’s not such a simple answer. It’s a specific and sometimes complicated matchmaking game.

    And also – if a good cue gets rejected by a library, it’s a really good thing that your track didn’t get accepted because it means it doesn’t fit their strengths – or they are inundated with that style already. A better home can be found where your track stands out, and the library has confidence that it fits their wheelhouse.

    Stepping down from soapbox now – even though we’ve all covered this before, just wanted to throw this out there because as new people continue to sign up on this amazing forum…I think it’s hopefully helpful advice.


    So true yzzman1! This track does very well for me and will likely be a 5 figure earner in the coming year or two, and was rejected by AJ. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure


    Following up on this post-
    The 30 second commercial with my track that aired during the 2022 World Series during primetime on FOX paid a whopping $23.25! That was publisher’s share, so I’ll get another $23 next month on my writer’s payout.
    I’m pretty disgusted with ASCAP for that one. I expected to see 3 figures. I’m going to message them now, not that it will do any good. For comparison, the same commercial on FOX during a Saturday afternoon college football game paid $17.45

    On a positive note, the total backend for the commercial is over $1K, and it was P5 license. Ya never know.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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