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    Hey Everyone, Many years ago a buddy and I put a track on a non-ex site. The track gets licensed by a guy and he starts using it as a theme song for his YouTube site and produces hundreds of videos with each getting roughly 250k hits. I also just saw its been transcribed a few times and sold on Musescore. I do belong to Identifyy but I haven’t seen anything from these videos. Is the Non-ex Library making the money from YouTube and we are not entitled to it?
    I suppose my only recourse with Musescore is to tell them to take it down? If anyone has any help/suggestions for me, it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks. Dave

    Art Munson

    Really depends on what that non-exclusive contract says. Do you sign away the Content ID rights and other rights?


    As Art said, check with that non-ex library to see what the terms are. I know audiosparx collects content ID and if you have a track there, it shouldn’t be in Identifyy. Other libraries may handle Contend ID and even do it without telling you. If the library is not doing it and they are the only library the track is signed with, talk to Identifyy.

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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