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    Gentlemen! this post has been a goldmine of knowing which direction to take my music to, im grateful to you all and the time you took to write what you tought.

    About alfredo`s comment, i took it as “take it with a grain of salt because music is subjective” and supposed he wanted to protect me from thinking my music was the worst music to ever exist on earth because of criticism.

    When i ask for advice, i usually ask many diffent people with different backgrounds for it (in this particular case i asked composers, mix engineers, and a music editor friend of mine) and in the areas that they all agree on that is where i go, the biggest advice has been mix and all its ramifications ( mids, width, clarity etc etc)

    Happy Ears- which 2nd cue do you refer to, beat of the amazon?? to know what sounds like a keytar haha

    MichaelL- how did you notice the phasing issues? was it something from the ukulele? there was something about the ukulele driving me mad every second bar , but wasnt sure how to fix it.

    Thanks again for your time and honest criticism , I wish you a merry chrstmas and happy new year, heres to making better music!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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