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The Manchester Music Library has been in business since 1993. We have 50 CDs to date, which reflects our belief in Smaller is Better, No filler for clients to have to wade through, and higher chances for composers to get placements, and thus royalties.

Our tracks have a musicality which is rare in the library field, and feature lots of live instruments. Our library is used for broadcast, but we also have an extensive collection of corporate music, a genre libraries often overlook in their race for broadcast dollars.

Though we may allow our composers to use the stuff they write for us in their own productions, we are strictly exclusive from a publishing standpoint. We believe this will help our composers in the long run. We pay an upfront fee, giving us an incentive to push their music. And all of us will avoid the train wreck which is likely coming with multiple libraries peddling the same tracks.

3 thoughts on “Manchester Music Library – John Manchester”

  1. @Joe, John is a straight shooter and a talented composer himself. I did some dramatic orchestral tracks for him back in 2000.

    Turn your caps lock off. He’ll think you’re yelling at him. 😉


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