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  1. I was a member for a couple of years – I decided not to reup this fall since it will be awhile before my next album.

    I did pay for some ads and presumably got some airplay from them [but no radio royalties after 3 years – granted, that may be because it was international].

    If you are looking for radio I think it’s possibly a good tool. They d send out ads and listings to the radio biz regularly [for which you can buy an ad placement], and it’s handy to have it as a controlled option for radio people to download your music [they have to be a vetted member of the business in order to download. Anyone can listen.].

  2. I’ve been on Airplay direct for a while now. Nothing negative to say really. Opportunities come up from time to time – no charge to submit.

    the have paid accounts and a basic freebie “Free APD Artist Account:

    * Full Featured APD Artist Site
    * A digital press kit (DPK)
    * 100 DPK deliveries/month

    I think you get 15 free tracks – the reason I’m unsure is that it seems to have changed since I joined. I seem to have an AirPlay Starter Plus (15 Song Slots) but only have 6 songs up –

    Here’s a blurb from them, describing their mandate “AirPlay Direct is a digital delivery system developed for artists, radio programmers & music industry professionals. Send secure broadcast-quality music & digital press kits to radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors worldwide.”

    I have really never had anything come of being on the site – I’ve left my stuff there as another place to showcase and as a possible place to submit to any opportunities.

  3. Please include “AirPlay Direct” if you can find any info on them. They do have a website (same name) and have been emailing requests per FMNPRO.

    Art, thanks for a GREAT resource!



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