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  1. My songwriting and production group (RedElect) recently signed up with Dynamic Songwriter/Dynamic Producer. I’ll share a brief description of my experience with them.

    Industry Opportunities for Producer and Songwriters:
    The service that this company provides can be summed up in that they provide producers to submit beats/compositions to artists for them to use on albums, and for songwriters to submit songs to artists for artists to use on their albums.

    When I joined I was under the impression that they had a wide range of genres for song submissions and producing opportunities. But as I came to realize, 95% of their submissions are in the Hip-Hop genre. So I am not sure how useful it would be for a songwriter or producer that doesn’t make hip hop to join this site. But the Owner (Felisha AKA FBI) personally contacts you and makes alot of effort to make sure that you get as many opportunities as possible, which brings me to my next section…

    Dynamic Licensing:
    When I joined in Dynamic Songwriter, I was less than impressed with the primary genre for submissions (Hip Hop). I expressed my concerns to Felisha and she immediately began to work with me and my team to get a good submission for our primary genre (Pop).

    This ended up with us getting a unique opportunity to submit current vocal pop sound alikes (Gaga, Kesha) to “FirstCom” music library. Through Dynamic Licensing (another division of Dynamic Producer that requires a separate fee for joining) we were able to secure 3 song placements with “FirstCom” music library (owned by “Universal”)

    All in all I believe that the owner (Felisha) works really hard for the members of this site, and really hustles the music sector looking for fresh opportunities. Their licensing division is probably worth the price of admission (I think its only $50/year), and if you create hip-hop music and songs joining Dynamic Producer and Dynamic Songwriter (there are combo fee’s for these two as well) is probably one of the best decisions you can make.


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