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Not strictly a music library but if you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with Music For TV. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! We make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with Music For TV for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.


URL: https://musicfortv.net/

5 thoughts on “Music For TV”

  1. It’s the end of 2023, anyone has any experience with Music For TV? Are you satisfied with the results? You getting any placements?

    I just got approved in less than 24 hours. Most companies never reply that fast. Should I be worried?

  2. Here’s a bit of my correspondence with them:

    On Dec 8, 2020, at 1:28 PM, James [xxx] wrote:

    We do not make any money from your work.
    If you are already getting song placements and earning thousands of dollars a year from these, then you do not need us.

    If however you are not getting placements for your material then I suggest our read our site and consider using our service.

    My reply:
    Your reply is a lie.
    Bronze – you keep 20% (possible) upfront
    50% writers.
    Gold – you keep 20% upfront.

    The problem I have with your business model, if you claim you make no money, is that you collect subscription fees with no further incentive to work my catalog.
    If you say, then, that you make no money from my work, this is probably typically the situation as you get no placements for your “members.”

    You present from a position of market strength, with condescension toward my possible market position, but your pitch is manipulative and deceptive.
    You are predators of the artistic community.



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