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The question has come up a number of times on what is the “best music library”. While we would all like a quick answer to tap into the riches of the music library world, the fact is there is no easy answer. There are hundreds of music libraries that serve different markets, from royalty free sites, mid level boutique, to high end mega libraries.

Below are some user comments on their experiences with various libraries. By no means definitive and your mileage will definitely vary!

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  1. Give us a look at We offer royalty free music with a slick website that provides great music and simple licensing.

        1. Hi Michael, I’ve checked their site before and I also noticed it says that…

          There are many libraries that say they are exclusive but can take non-ex deals as well.

  2. Hey DaveyDad…another familiar name. Have to say I’ve found this site very useful to date and only been a member a short time.

  3. Nice to find this website. I’ve been composing for a few years and had my songs up on Pond5 and Productiontrax during 2012. Made about $600 that year. Ramped up my composing for 2013 and now have 120+ songs on 10 places since April. Made $250-$280 for April and May. Would like to submit music to more places and therefore joined here to find out about some of them before I do. I’m non-exclusive for now.

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