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Deadly Dreams Music

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If you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Please rate, from 1 to 10, by clicking on one of the stars. Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.

URL: http://www.deadlydreams.com
Accepting Submissions: Yes
Submit Online: No
Submit By Mail: Yes
Submissions Reviewed: Yes
Types Accepted: Instrumentals
Charge For Submissions: No
Up Front Money:
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
Re-Title: Yes
Set Own Price: No
Contract Length: None
Payment Schedule: Quarterly
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet: Yes
Pays On Blanket License:
YouTube Content ID:
Active Site: No
Offers Subscriptions To Clients:

21 thoughts on “Deadly Dreams Music”

      • I don’t think this library is simply resting or pining for the fjords. 🙂

        He’s passed on! This library is no more! He has ceased to be!
        He’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker!
        He’s a stiff! Bereft of life,
        He rests in peace!
        …pushing up the daisies!
        ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory!
        He’s kicked the bucket, shuffled off.. run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!


        🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Early this month I sent a CD, it was returned saying there was no forwarding address. Followed up with an email stating what happened and asked if they were still accepting submissions or had they moved, no response, nothing. Just fyi

  2. Same here – initial enthusiastic response from them, then… nothing. A year after sending them a bunch of stuff and signing contracts – still nothing.

    I’ve since dropped them from my “active” list and just moved on.


  3. I was also contacted by Grover from Deadly Dreams. All positive in the beginning. Sent in a package and signed a non-exclusive. After that I have called / emailed for months and no response. Bummer.

  4. Art, So does TuneSat work? Have you caught much stuff that hadn’t been reported? You think it’s worth the investment?

    Cheers for the info!

    • Hi Ed, It will be another quarter or so before I know. I do think it’s worth it as I find out what’s running and then will be able to compare to my BMI statement. As an example I discovered we have cues running on the new “Let’s Make A Deal”. Wouldn’t have known that until a couple of more quarters. As the BMI statements start catching up to what Tunesat has logged I will know better.

      • Art,
        I just found this post. I’m curious, how are you finding Tunesat to be working out? Same with Deadly Dreams? Like seemingly everyone here, DDM loved my stuff, but I have no evidence anything every got placed or use.

        • I think DDM fell off the end of the earth. If someone knows different, let us know. Myself and other folks I know signed tracks with DDM and then could never get a return email or phone call after many, many tries. It’s possible this one’s not in biz anymore.

          Anyone know otherwise?


  5. Was contacted by Grover from Deadly Dreams. Initial contact was positive, liked what they heard and they offered the (seemingly) standard non-exclusive, re-titling deal. Sent more music and they liked that but after a couple of months they stopped responding to e-mails. I just hate it when people are rude!


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