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    Is there a preferred platform for submitting links to libraries?

    I’ve always used Soundcloud but hear a lot about Artlist – or is there another option?



    I guess Soundcloud is fine. As long as it’s an easy to use platform where they can listen online, most platforms will work. On the other hand, Artlist is actually a library. I wouldn’t send a submission that has a link from a competitor, that’s bad taste imo.


    Thanks. I only mentioned Artlist as a recent webinar strongly recommended using it, but got you thanks.


    I have a similar question.I currently have my tracks on a site I built on Godaddys builder platform. The problem is , their music player only links to a page, not a song so it can be confusing for the less than tech savvy. I dont want to use Soundcloud as I’ve known someone who had her songs stolen there. I want to host my new tracks where they wont get any public exposure apart from links I send out as I dont want ideas pilfered.I just looked to see if Soundcloud offered anything private and secure ,but dont see anything.

    Any ideas on a good place I can turn to?


    You can upload your songs with a private function on Soundcloud.
    Also you can create a private playlist with Soundcloud, so only the people you share the link with can access the music.
    Once youve created the playlist, you need to click the “Share” button to get the proper link.
    Im just mentioning this because many people just copy & paste the link from the browser bar which wont work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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