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    Art Munson

    BMI statements came out today for 2016 Q1. Hope your payments are growing, ours was much better than last quarter. I’m amazed at how much is now coming from international!

    So, how was yours?

    Art Munson



    Great one,50% up from the last one (which wasn’t bad anyway)!!

    Same libraries,only better/more placements.


    About the same as last quarter. But I noticed payments from placements in Belgium that are continuous, didn’t show up this time. Do foreign places not always submit per quarter?


    Should the title of this thread read 9/16/2016? 🙂

    Art Munson

    Should the title of this thread read 9/16/2016?

    Duh, your right, livin’ in the past, LOL! Thanks!


    Art, is the international royalty revenue from last year air dates or perhaps 2 to 4 years ago? While my BMI check is increasing over the years, the international stuff seems light. I actually like how ASCAP separates the payments into Domestic and International (8 checks per year). I see my co-writers ASCAP statements and I can not say that I buy into the “BMI pays more” argument.

    Art Munson

    Art, is the international royalty revenue from last year air dates or perhaps 2 to 4 years ago?

    Don’t know as BMI doesn’t break them out by period. I imagine they are all delayed and most likely each country is different.


    Best one yet for me, mostly because of international royalties. Some new shows and better payouts on some of the older ones.


    Much better than the last few quarters.

    A couple of interesting things:

    1) I was paid again for “Short Duration” radio use, most likey commercials. One of the tracks is easily 20 years old!

    2) A number of libraries seem to be putting tracks on spotify, including exclusive WFH libaries.

    3) One of my publishing companies received royalties identified only as “XYZ Cues” (but didn’t get the corresponding writer’s royalties!). Based on the publishing entity, it must have come from an RF sale.


    I’ll have to go back and check, but I think this was my best BMI statement yet. Double my last quarter. (still nothing to brag about, increased for me as well. Hope everyone did great.


    Not only has this been my best quarter to date, it almost doubled from last quarter…
    Do I expect this to be ongoing? ABSOLUTELY NOT… As fantastic as royalties are they’re about as predictable as the weather… “give it 5 minutes an it will change” as they say…
    Regardless I was blown away this quarter and have finally hit an income where I feel comfortable calling this a career… Hope everyone else did exceptionally well!


    My 3rd statement overall and it’s been my best quarter to date. 5x more than the last statement. Momentum is building which is a confidence booster. Nice surprises that didn’t show on tunesat. Also surprise payout from SOCAN for a cue that aired in the US Q32015. They actually paid a little more than the domestic.


    These unexpected and pleasingly large BMI blips used to catch me by surprise. But I finally figured it out. At least for my earnings.

    For those of you who have a good portion of their royalties based on US Cable TV shows, note that the annual NCTA (National Cable TV Assn) payment is made this quarter (Q1-2016). That amounted to the difference between last quarter and this quarter for me. It’s always a nice surprise! Actually, the percentage of “pages” (always a good indicator for me) of royalties for Q1 2016 went down 5% for me, but the NCTA made up and over last quarter for me.

    Of course, for every person “up”, I run across another that was “down”. LOL It’s hard to figure out.

    Of note – BMI and ASCAP have to do something about the Internet streaming or we are all dead in the water in 5+ years…..


    Could anybody give more details on that NCTA payment that LAwriter talked about?

    I did receive it in the past, but it was just a couple of dollars. How did I earn those few dollars? Just because I’ve had placements on US TV shows in the past?

    From your experiences, how much money can you make from NCTA?

    Any info would be great!

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