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    I’ve seen about a 25% drop in my BMI Network/Cable/Internet Television royalties over the last two statements. Pretty shocking considering they’ve been relatively stable for years and years. A few other composers I’ve talked to have seen the same drop. I’m wondering if other BMI composers can concur that they too have seen lower statements? I’m trying to answer what is causing this, is it BMI’s new for-profit business model? Declining ad revenue hence smaller BMI pie? Any other ideas?

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    My last statement increased around 15%
    I personally do not try and figure out causes for changes. There are too many factors involved and most out of my control.
    My thought process is just keep creating. Keep submitting. Enjoy the process of writing.
    It will work out how it works out.

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    Art Munson

    Mine were up from last statement but down from the statement before that. My first quarter payments always pay the most.

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    I have seen a drop in Cable/Network but an increase in Internet Audio, Internet Visual as well as International Royalties have steadily increased the past year or so, so its helped to balance out. My best payouts seem to be for 1st quarter (which get paid in Aug now) but I have been comparing each payout to the same time prior year or even same time two years ago the +/- % has been nominal.

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    Long term trend is still gradually upward as I continue to sign more tracks. Up and down in the short term. I agree that the number of factors involved makes it challenging to assess what’s going on. I also agree that 1Q statements are generally the highest, although not dramatically so.

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    My last statement was an all time high! International earnings are now more than US.

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    Douglas Garnett

    More and more publishers for sync are converting over to subscriptions for their clients which brings overall revenue down considerably. I know two publishers that I could count on have crashed my income to the point where I am starting up my own publishing. It might make sense for the companies involved, but definitely not in the artists favor.

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    Like daveydad, all time high for me, and international was more than U.S.

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