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    It varies depending on which section i.e. network, cable, internet,etc. could range from a dozen to two or three dozen placements per page. Sometimes even more.

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    Yup my were down to and pages were up!

    Reams of Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. at 0.0000001 cent etc!!

    O Lordy!

    PS International is continuing to outpace USA.

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    Re: number of line items.
    It depends on the TYPE of line item, how many titles per episode, etc.. Impossible to really be detailed and specific, but I tend to average around 50 placements per page.

    377 pages on this latest statement.

    Compared to 2012 Q4, the dollar figure for Q4-2022 was 3X’s larger. But the quarter was definitely down compared to more recent quarters. Of course in the last 10 years I’ve added countless titles, and uncountable placements. Probably 1500+ titles added in (sorry uncountable) shows worldwide.

    Statement pages went from 35 pages in Q4 2012 to 377 in Q4 2022.

    Not a happy comparison…. IMO, not a bright future on the financial end. But I’ll get naysayed for saying it. LOL. Best of luck to all!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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