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    Hi all, has anyone got any words of wisdom about working with and getting into UK libraries? I gather most seem to want the exclusive master rights in perpetuity with no upfront fee. How do the royalties compare? I’m a bit hesitant giving up master rights without payment, especially if the library didn’t get results. Do any have reversion clauses if they don’t get syncs/placements?


    Hi, in terms of the British library situation, I feel that this is the norm . Most PRS registered libraries in the U.K. the ones who are related to MCPs.that is publishing etc want to sign you as a composer for specific tracks . They usually want an album . This often means an album on a particular, Jazz, World , sport ,orchestral , piano etc … choose your own examples..! Most of the decent libraries have access into the BBC sound mouse which gives access to a music editor to view suitable and appropriate tracks and download them to try with a specific film / documentary, scene etc . I feel if you want to progress you need to find a library that has access to these companies. Whatever you do , the production needs to be good and a bit different… I only speak from experience. Good luck … Phil


    Quick question about PRS, UK and BMI. I’m in a UK library, and they registered my songs last May with PRS. It still isn’t showing up on my BMI account. The library owner says that he can’t register the songs with BMI. He said that PRS is affiliated with BMI and they will pass on the information. Well, it’s been about 9 months now, and still no registration with BMI. Is this normal? Emailing BMI is an act of futility, as they have never gotten back to me before. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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