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    Art Munson

    1.) Your name?

    Gary Wolk

    2.) Any credits you care to mention?

    Just recently got a placement in an AAMCO commercial, and a commercial in the UK for EasyJet. My first major ones.

    3.) How long have you been writing music?

    I toyed with it on and off from about 40 years, but have been seriously writing for about the past 10 years.

    4.) How did you get started?

    I co-wrote some demos with a friend of mine back in 2001 on a Tascam 4-track.

    5.) How long have you been writing library/production music?

    About 2½ years

    6.) Are you making a living wage?

    Not quite yet

    7.) Do you care to give any general figures of earnings (low/mid/high 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 figures)?

    4 figures

    8.) Are you self-taught or have you studied formally?

    I started taking guitar lessons at age 8. Went on to get a BA in Music Pretty much self-taught on bass, piano, and recording.

    9.) Do you work through music libraries?


    9a.) If so are they exclusive and/or non-exclusive libraries?

    All non-exclusive

    10.) Do you contact music supervisors, music editors or TV production companies directly?


    10a.) If so how do you approach them?

    11.) How do you deal with rejection?

    Since I have only been doing this for a little over 2 years, I deal with it better now than I did in the beginning. I’ve learned to not take it personally…

    12.) How do you feel about re-titling?

    Never done it myself, however I have had libraries re-title for me. Really have no problem with it.

    13.) What do you have the most success with, royalty free sites or back end PRO royalties?


    14.) Any tips about writing descriptions, keywords and/or metadata?

    I have come to learn how important they are. You have to try to think how someone searching for tracks would think. Keep them (keywords) all very relevant, and think about if they are really describing your track correctly. Don’t just put random words down, and don’t spam.

    15.) Any trends you would like to comment on (YouTube Content ID, Internet Royalties)?

    16.) What sort of advice would you give to someone just entering the library/production music world?

    Be patient in the beginning with your sales. Also, listen to the best selling tracks on some of the royalty-free sites, and see what is popular. You also have to remember that it is not about you being an artist, it is about writing the best tracks you can, in whatever genre you are writing. Write what you know, and make sure the production (mixing and mastering ) is right. Remember you are competing with thousands of composers doing the same thing you are, and hundreds of thousands of tracks. Don’t let your ego get in way!

    And finally!

    17.) If you were not writing music what would you be doing?

    Probably back playing in a band again….

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