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    I was plaing with the idea of making acoustic dubstep,no synths at all but get into warping, beat repeats and adding effects on the real woody instruments, strings and percussions

    Although it would be very interesting and fun to do , I wonder if there is much market for it  in Production music,  in case if it’s not already done and something to copy.

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    I spend a lot of time(purely for research purposes !!!) in a pub in London which gives a platform to new and up and coming artists, manly unsigned,the trend appears to be about 70% Folk,in all it’s various forms,from electric,to trad,even to what I can only describe as physchadelic folk,maybe a few illicit substances helping out there!

    The venues supplies a full backline (foc) but rarely is the drum kit option taken up,percussion is usually provided by a guy or girl banging on something that looks like a box of some sort,maybe it’s a proper instrument that I haven’t heard of yet.

    The songwriting is melodic,in a contemporary sense.

    Because of the nature of the place,they do ask that people listen and don’t talk while the acts are on and I heard some very very good stuff there,some not so good as well of course.

    I think there will always be a place for electronic music but from what I hear the trend is toward acoustic and real instrumentation, a single Cello is not unusual in a lot of the line ups.


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    I’m curious about the next big thing already. Now that things got rather tonal than melodic and the tempo dropped so drastically, what could the next step be? =)

    @ Ulla…I’m going with bagpipe dubstep….calling it  kiltex or tartanex.

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    I spend a lot of time(purely for research purposes !!!) in a pub in London

    😆 the other Michael.



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    Because we were talking about the shelf life of music…. This is the latest commercial for “Dead Space” – using a remake of Phil Collins’ “In the Air tonight”!! 😉


    (Starts at around 0:40 into the video)
    Pretty bold move from the marketing ppl! I’m impressed!

    @Rob: I agree, very addictive! =)



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    Electronic music is a heavy part of popular music in America right now. I have a good deal of EDM and other electronic music in libraries getting steady uses. Just do what you do best and put it into the marketplace.

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