How long did it take you before you got your first placement?

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    Mark Lewis

    Here’s one of my favorite songs that my wife and I wrote for Disney.
    ‘It Just Doesn’t Seem to Add Up’

    Michael Nickolas

    Is that you performing it? 🙂


    I’d like to thank everybody for there responses and feedback on this thread! I personally enjoyed all over your responses!

    I thought i’d share my first placement being as i started the thread lol

    my first placement was back in 2006 through the Scy Fy channels TV Show “Who Wants To Be A Super Hero”. I custom made the music for the ending credits of the season finale episode. I got in because one of my family members was actually a contestant on the show and had a relationship with the music supervisor 😀


    @daveydad said

    Yeah, it’s frustrating when you don’t know how your music is being used. I had two ambient tracks used in an underwater series up in Canada but was never told how to contact anyone to be able to see them.

    That seems frustrating, especially if the composer is just starting out. As a composer got more placements I would think he/she would be less concerned about seeing how they were used, but that’s just a guess.

    I have < 20 tracks on AS (new member as of a couple of months ago) and maybe 10 or so tracks on AJ (been on AJ for about a year.) Of those two, I have sold one AJ track one time. I signed an NDA to do some game audio work but the contract was awarded to someone else. I came from the artist music world so it’s what I’m most familiar with in terms of composing, so I still have some work to do in securing PM placements. I cowrote a track slated for release this summer that features a major label artist, and I have gotten some cuts with independent artists but that’s about as far as it goes for me at this point. So long as I keep creating, adapting and most importantly learning, I think the future looks good.


    Here are a few commercials from RF sales with the exception of the first one and last two.

    Great music Art! Just curious how the copyright worked for “Wheels on the Bus…” Did the publisher have to secure the rights for the remake or did you have to handle that?


    True. I guess I just want to know on the big placements! My wife says I may not always want to know how they’re being used! 🙂

    Art Munson

    Thanks for the kind words Stacktrace. Wheels On The Bus is Public Domain.

    Gael MacGregor

    I had a cluster of placements that came in almost simultaneously. All of them happened before my CD had even been completed.

    “We’re Hot Tonight” was used in the opening titles of “Diamonds in the Rough” and over a fight scene in “Total Force”. “You Ain’t Too Tough” was also also used in “Diamonds…” and Calista Carredine covered “Southern Soul” for “Total Force”.

    Art Munson

    Good ones Gael, nice!

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