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    because it is closing around us FAST!!”

    Yes. I’m sure it feels like that. The reality is, if you’re just getting to the party now, you’re a decade or two late. Sorry. It’s the truth. It would be hard to describe the current production music industry as a “growth” industry in comparison to a decade ago. Whenever deciding to pursue financial opportunities, the question I ask – Is the industry growing or contracting. For those willing to be honest, we all know the realities. The newcomers don’t, and they are looking for someone who will tell them the the opportunities are endless. Hence – these types of “how to” courses..

    As for the 10….Hahahaaaa! I left LA because of the 10 Fry. And the 405. And the 101. And the 134. And the 210. And….. 🙂 🙂

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    steve c

    I love it, thank you guys. The truth ALWAYS sounds different doesnt it. I dont care if I’m late to the party. As for the business, like the NFL, I’ll take what the defense gives me. I have bumped up against the very best in the world in nashville for 18 years. Nothing will toughen skin faster than that. I only need a sliver and just a crack of light and I’ll get me foot in the door. And I know enough to ask the right questions. Believe me there are more than a few charlatans in the country music world. I also know there good folks out there like yourselves willing to share their hard knocks and save me a few. So I’ve come to the right place. You guys are great. I thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

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    Steve C

    LAWriter, it sounds like you wouldnt mind letting me pick your brain? If thats okay tell me how I can contact you. I promise I am not a leach. I am not an official member here yet so I suspect thats why I cant message you.

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    hi steve, everything you need to understand the industry is here in MLR, it’ll take time to read all the threads but its worth it…and pretty much all active libs info are accessible here for members with comments and ratings…but at the end of the day its all trial and error on what will work for you…as far as how to compose for library music, just go to a popular lib and start listening to their catalog, theres also tons of youtube videos on how to craft library music…once you understand the business side and the cue format all thats left to do is start write and submit.

    one thing to keep in mind is to take everything with a grain of salt, there are no set rules and everyone is basically trying things out and just sharing their experiences..some advise saved my behind and am grasteful, and some hindered my progress cause it wasnt the right path for me…good luck and happy holidays

    btw, the 5 fwy sucked so bad today with all the construction…sigh

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    Steve C

    Thank you Boink, I do believe there is a lot to learn right here. Excellent advice!

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    also i did pay for services to get a jump on the learning curve when i started and heres my exp on that…

    if you are new to everything and have the (disposable) budget for it, its not a bad route…theres a lot of things i learned from training courses and one on one talks with them and their community, like having a mentor or a friend in the biz you can sponge off…but its more on fundamentals, trade tips, and tools benefits, which in hindsight, i could’ve gotten for free if i just befriended a forum member here or in other forums….

    most of the folks here dont like the fact that they are selling the dream and guaranteeing success for $1k, if thats what you’re after, yes it is a waste of money. if its to learn the industry and fundamentals, yes you’ll learn from paid services….do i think 1k is worth these benefits? no, I would say if i ranked them, the most helpful for me is 1) MLR, Forums, free content in social media (80%) 2) paid services (15%) 3) winging it and straight up corresponding with libs (5%)

    that may change next year since im finally back home and will be attending conferences like PMC, sync summit, etc…I dont think anything can beat face to face interactions and hands on knowledge from the horses mouth…

    in the end, looking back, pitfalls and mistakes are inevitable regardless on how much money & effort you throw at it to avoid them, but its really a good thing, experience is the best way to figure out what will work for you, not 3rd party info….my only regret is I wish i spent more time & focus on just writing, submitting, failing, shake it off, get better, rinse & repeat, than trying to find a shortcut or that magic pill for success….when the simplest solution to everything is just have great music avail and things will eventually fall into place (thanks R.B.)

    hope that helps, im not a vet in this biz but i know how overwhelmed & lost i felt starting out thus would like to pay fwd through sharing my journey so far.

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    Couple of things really quick

    1) Would you trust someone to show you the way to The Gold Mine, when they have no idea where it is; and instead of finding it they started selling Road Maps to how far they’ve gone thus far?

    2) How many of these Subscription Services have won any prestigious Awards, or received any “notable” acclaim?

    3) If you want to get there the fastest? Put Your Bread up, retain a great Attorney, and let Him/Her Shop You. You probably still won’t get any further than “the method of earning Your Stripes”; but You will see if You have what they are looking for, or possibly not looking for..

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    I fully respect the opinions on this topic from the vets… you guys are obviously speaking gospel truth from your long term experiences.

    From my perspective Jesse’s Sync Academy works because there are a wealth of tutorials, a vibrant community and the per month cost is very low. For a new comer like me (a little over a year old), it offers guidance on a general framework that I can adopt to approach this always shifting and nebulous world of TV / Film licensing libraries. The community offers their own guidance and moral support if you’re feeling discouraged for any reason. Needless to say, you use some info and others, you discard.

    Just like info I gleaned from various forum and library topics here at MLR, there is a good amount of knowledge one can extract from that service too. Using both info sources, I personally feel I have gotten a decent start at a much rapider pace than I would have in their absence.

    As always, everything I say is true only for myself. YMMV is the only reality in this business.

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    Kery Michael

    oops. no delete post option?

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    Kery Michael

    I’ve always found Jesse’s videos to be informative, though I’ve never signed up for Sync Academy. Marlon Gibbon’s videos are pretty good too, he does a good job just talking about the “basics” of the business.

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