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    Hi all, I’m new here. Anyway, last year I used Tunsat and found my music on a huge brand name pet food advertisement(s) running nationally on network tv. I then found their youtube video of the ad(s) to confirm it. A few small dollars seem to be rolling in under a Jingle placement to my BMI statements, but I’m not sure that this is the same ad. Why can’t BMI just tell you what the advertisement is?

    I have not seen a sync fee yet from my library and when I asked they kind of misdirected me. My question is: What sort of sync fee would a library see for this kind of (major brand) network tv advertisement?


    Art Munson

    Sync fees for major brand network TV advertisements can vary widely, depending on a number of factors, including:

    The popularity and recognition of the brand
    The length and prominence of the music in the ad
    The number of times the ad is expected to air
    The territory in which the ad will air

    In general, sync fees for major brand network TV advertisements can range from hundreds of dollars to, theoretically, tens of thousands. In this day and age you will most likely make the majority of your money off the backend royalties.

    Sync fees are usually delayed from the library and are not paid by BMI. As an example Jingle Punks sync fees are paid through the parent company Ole Media Management.

    As for why BMI cannot tell you what the advertisement is? They may have not picked it up from Numerator yet.


    You might not get a sync fee if the company licensing it was under a blanket deal with the library.


    Post a youtube link to the ad here. You should get a sync fee from your publisher because national advertisers do not just slap music on the air on major TV networks by downloading music from subscription models. While I suppose they can behave that way, typically music in heavy rotation on air demands indemnification and that usually comes at a premium price. The sync fee is often paid one to two quarters after the license was issued. Ad agencies typically take 60 days to pay for a sync license. A Major ad agency will often pay $5000 to $20,000 for a big brand national spot, but I do agree with Art that some advertisers will use cheaper stock sites and pay under $500 to license music in a TV spot. Which brands will NOT license for under $500? Think of brands like PG, GM, Ford, McD’s, Verizon, T Mobile, ATT, you get the idea…the big boys on the block. Pet Foods are not necesarily “Huge” but link us to the ad and we should be able to get you better advice after we see the ad.


    Thanks everyone! Do people share their placements on this site? I’m a little apprehensive to do so incase it could create problems for me. This is a top 3 global pet food company and a household name. They made two different versions of the ad with my music. Very high quality ads.

    So far I’ve collected under $200 for Network, Local and Cable under COMMERCIAL JINGLES from BMI. Tunesat picked up the ads in Summer 2022 and it’s still picking it up here and there.

    As I’ve said, I’ve never received a sync fee for this.


    Well if this is General Mills or Nestle, you should be making a good chunk of change from all areas: the sync fee and the back end BMI PRO performance royalties. Your BMI statement should indicate the title being paid in the TV spot. Are those royalties getting paid to the exact title used in the Pet food TV Spot? If yes, then BMI is tracking the commercial properly for you. Just write an email to the music publisher who placed it and let them know you saw the TV spot on air and you are wondering if a sync fee was collected. There is nothing annoying about asking that question especially when companies like General Mills and Nestle are potentially the client/ advertisor. These companies have deep pockets and do business with integrity.They don’t nickle and dime with their production budgets to produce national TV spots.


    Thanks Music1234, BMI just calls it a commercial jungle and my track name underneath. I’m trying to get a numerator account so that I can zone in on the ad to give BMI more info about it.

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