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    I thought it might be nice for folks to share:

    1. One mistake you made/something you wish you hadn’t done in hindsight when trying to make it as a Production Music Composer. Perhaps early on in your career (or who knows maybe more recently! haha)

    2. A milestone/something you are glad you did that helped move your Production Music career forward.

    I am 2 years in and for me it would be…

    1. I wish i hadn’t spent quite so much time focusing on royalty free/stock music sites in the early days (2020 for me) and accepted royalty shares under 50% for the trouble (AJ, P5 etc). I should have focused more on exclusive sync libraries earlier on and believed more in the value/quality of my music. I now never accept any less than 50%.

    2. I am glad I put my first years earnings straight into getting some high end gear – in my case – Logic Pro X, top drawer audio interface & mics, some high end software instruments. My music sounds so much better as a result!

    Would love to hear from others! 🙂

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    Exactly the same as yourself. Started 2016 on RF and got to about 200 tracks before the market collapsed and I had to start from scratch with proper libraries that got my tracks into tv shows. Should have started with them and believed in my music.

    Best thing I did was to work out what I did best and invest in plugins and equipment to maximise those genres instead of trying to be a Jack of all trades.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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